December 21th 2018: Recap of the year!

Like every year, we will do a small recap from the band activities from this year! We only played 4 shows, but these were all killer. It started early this year with a small but killer show in Hengelo... in the spring we did a lot of km's when playing Outch Extreme Metal Festival and Grind the Nazi Scum Festival and we had the opportunity to open up for Municipal Waste in the hot summer!

In the mean time we worked on new songs for our upcoming fifth album! The plan is to record this somewhere in 2019. So stay tuned. But... the show at Grind The Nazi Scum was recorded very properly and mixed and mastered by Toneshed Recording Studio! This will be our first official live album! We are working on the artwork at the moment and hope to release it early in 2019.

Goje roetsj en tot in 2019!

October 30th 2017: The Sound Of X

Collision is with a new song, called "Contaminated Flesh" on "The Sound Of X" compilation CD. 20 bands from around the world playing savage and vicious blast beat songs to burst your head! Send your pre-orders to:

june 13th 2017: Brutal Asaault Festival

We are very exited to announce that we are confirmed for Brutal Assault this summer! See you in Czech!

april 3th 2017: Bloodshed Fest

We are confirmed for Bloodshed Fest! After 7 years we will return to this festival were it al started!

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